For schools and organisations

Using Anna as an educational tool in the classroom is beneficial for both you and your students. While she helps your students become better entrepreneurs and is accessible for them when you’re not, she makes your job easier by carrying a bit of your workload.

For organisations supporting entrepreneurship and innovation, Anna can be used as an extension and a supplement to your existing operations offering pre-screening and an extra advisor. Think of her as an assistant taking care of all the quantitive work, while at the same time widening your funnel and increasing your capacity to find and support more entrepreneurs.

Anna helps you raise productivity by adapting to the users and their individual needs, making their learning and start to their entrepreneurship journey easier. She can help the users fill in the information gaps whenever they occur, meaning the users can work on their entrepreneurship projects without interruptions and at their own pace. This frees up more of your valuable time as a teacher or advisor to actually focus your resources to where they are needed the most.

By leveraging AI to enhance entrepreneurship education, both young entrepreneurs, schools and organisations benefit from using Anna.