Meet Anna

Anna helps you as an entrepreneur to set the goals needed to take your business or idea to the next level. She gives you relevant information for you and your needs and through machine learning, she is constantly learning and getting smarter.

With an educational approach to her coaching, Anna will give you guidance and advice that are relevant to your knowledge and experience level and also grow as you improve.

Today’s support organisations for potential and nascent entrepreneurs are most likely understaffed and unable to meet demand, highly selective and excluding but also biased, with assumptions and certain views about the world and on the business ideas they assess. This isn’t helping innovation in the 21st century and especially not for younger audiences who have new solutions to new problems.

Most people working with entrepreneurship support of any kind seem to be pleased with the status quo and don’t really think that entrepreneurship education and innovation support can be improved with new technology. That’s what we want to change with Anna.