What we fight for

We live in a global society that is changing, and swiftly so. We’re becoming more and more connected to other cultures, languages, services and challenges. The way people live, work and spend their spare time, is changing. Transparency and quality of life are now paramount in everything we do.

Unemployment among young people is rising worldwide. The gig-economy is growing and the digitalisation and automation of many existing jobs are raising barriers for many young people to find meaningful employment. At the same time, we’re pushing us to question what’s important in life and what we want to achieve during our lifetime. As more and more young people are striving towards finding real meaning in their life, moving around more and working here and there, entrepreneurship is becoming one of the biggest parts of the solution of the global issues we face today and tomorrow.

We believe that targeted and accessible support and guidance for young potential and nascent entrepreneurs is a big part of tackling many of the global challenges we face today and tomorrow. You see, entrepreneurship is a universal way of taking care of new innovation and solutions that young people have for the problem we face today and tomorrow. At the same time, entrepreneurship provides jobs, taxes and a sense of purpose – not just for the founders but for all stakeholders. It’s a way of creating financial and social independence, and by doing so also reduce inequalities. It’s a way of creating something bigger than yourself. Something that can make our world better.

We are devoted to providing simple, individually adapted, affordable and long-term support for everyone that has a business idea or an early-stage business so that we can help the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow create a better world for us all. Our mission is to create an impact for entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers – no matter where they live so that they also can improve their communities.